Marie Osmond Asks for Prayers for her Dear Brother Alan

Marie Osmond and brothers
Photo courtesy Marie Osmond Instagram

The Osmonds have long been one of our country’s most beloved families, and when one of them are hurting, we all seem to hurt. And yes, according to Marie Osmond, one of them find themselves at a challenging time of their life right now, and could use our prayers.

“Prayers for my brother Alan Osmond who just had back surgery,” Marie wrote on her Instagram page. “His wife Suzanne told me it’s been a very challenging process, but she said the biggest motivation he has had right now is to be in Hawaii next month for our big show. He’s so excited to stand on stage again as one of the original Osmond Brothers one last time. Brought a tear of joy to my eye. So excited to see all of you there and sending love & support for a speedy recover.”

Indeed, the Osmond Brothers will join together with their sister Marie in Hawaii on Oct. 13 during a concert that will take place to celebrate Marie’s birthday. And how great will it be to see them all take the stage together once again?

But off the stage, life is just as good for Marie.

“I have eight children and my fourth grandchild is on the way,” Marie says in a recent interview. “But I’m a different mom with my first than my last because you learn things. It’s so funny because my mom would always tell me, “Don’t stress it,” and now I’m telling my daughter the same thing. You just look at things differently. Every generation has their own way of doing things. But I love it and being a grandma, oh my gosh, there is nothing better. You don’t have to discipline them, you can just love them.”