Marie Osmond Shares News of Mother-in-Law’s Death With Touching Message


Marie Osmond has long shared both the high points and low points of her personal life with her fans. And on Saturday (Oct. 6,) she did it one again when she shared some heartbreaking news.

“This morning our sweet Mother, Charlene Craig, passed away,” Osmond wrote on her Instagram page alongside a vintage pic of her mother in law. “Though she will be greatly missed, we know there was a beautiful reunion with her beloved sweetheart Robert Craig and other family and loved ones. We love you Mom.”

Fans will recall that Osmond married Stephen Craig for the second time in 2011. The couple originally married in 1982 and ended up getting divorce.

And while much has changed in Osmond’s life, the one thing that hasn’t changed is her love of family.

“We all go through hard things and she taught me to cope,” Osmond says in a recent interview about her own mom. “As parents now, we’re so quick to fix things for our kids. My mother and father said, “The most important thing we can teach you is how to fail, so you can learn how to pick yourself back up.” This generation of young people might go into their room and hide when things get rough. Boy, that wasn’t allowed in our family. You faced it and moved on. Mom would say, “Put on your big-girl panties. No baby diapers allowed.”