Marie Osmond Gives Update on the Health of Her Newborn Granddaughter

Marie Osmond gives update on newborn granddaughter in ICU
Photo courtesy Marie Osmond Instagram

Much like any other proud grandmother, Marie Osmond can’t help but boast about her new baby granddaughter. But at the same time, she is also thanking her lucky stars that the health of that precious little girl is getting better everyday.

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“So grateful to welcome my newest granddaughter, Brianna & David’s first child Maude Bailey-Moon Schwep into the world,” Osmond wrote on her various social channels on Tuesday (May 28) alongside a precious pic of the baby. “She is still in the hospital, but is doing very well! Thank you everyone for the prayers, it means so much to us!”

Last Thursday (May 23,) Osmond’s tweet sounded a tad shakier in the emotions department, as the beloved music superstar asked for prayers for the newborn.

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“Asking for prayers for my precious granddaughter born this evening 6lbs 10 ounces,” she wrote. “So thankful she was able to be taken to children’s ICU in one of our amazing Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Gratitude that she is in their care.”

While it has not been disclosed what actually landed the baby in the ICU, it certainly sounds like things are looking better for her since her birth last week.

“My daughter, Brianna, gave birth to a beautiful little girl,” Osmond told People magazine shortly after Maude’s birth. “Mom is doing well and my granddaughter is currently in a pediatric ICU. Thankfully, the prognosis looks great for our little angel. We are grateful she is in exceptional hands with her team of doctors and nurses. We ask for your continued thoughts and prayers.”

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Maude is the first daughter for Osmond’s 21-year-old daughter Brianna and her 42-year-old cinematographer husband Dave Schwep.