The Masked Singer Reveals the Identity of the Celebrity Behind the Mouse

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The Masked Singer revealed yet another character Wednesday night (Feb. 26) and this time it was the Mouse that had to leave the show.

In the first three weeks of the season, Group A pitted Miss Monster, Robot, Llama, White Tiger, Turtle and Kangaroo against each other, with Miss Monster (Chaka Kahn), Robot (Lil Wayne) and Llama (Drew Carey) all being eliminated from the show.

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A new group of characters was introduced last week. Going head to head in Group B was the Banana, Frog, Kitty, Mouse, Taco and Elephant. Unfortunately, the Elephant was let go, revealing it was Tony Hawk. Alas, as the Group B playoffs continue,  a new character from Group B had to go this week.

The Banana, Mouse, Toad, Taco and Kitty battled it out to make it to the championships. However, it was the Mouse that got the least amount of votes, shocking the panel, and had to depart the show.

The panelists had their guesses. Robin Thicke guessed that it was Dionne Warwick, Nicole Schlessinger agreed with Robin and threw her vote toward Dionne. Jenny McCarthy at first guessed Tracy Ellis Ross, but after hearing the clues, she too, along with guest panelist Gabriel Iglesias, agreed with Robin, guessing it was Dionne. Ken Jeon was the lone guess, going on out a limb and guessing it was Tina Turner.

In the end, the panel was right and the celebrity behind the mask was 5-time Grammy awards winner Dionne Warwick.

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“There is no other voice out there like that, it’s an honor to have you on the show,” Nicole said after the reveal.

“I just want to say this to all you too. It has been an absolute pleasure. I had the best time. It was a ball,” Dionne said before breaking into song.

Tune into The Masked Singer when it airs Wednesday night on FOX.