“The Masked Singer” Reveals the Athlete Behind the Rhino Mask

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The Masked Singer is down to the final three after the elimination of the Rhino Wednesday night (May 13) during the semi-finals.

Wednesday night’s episode saw the final four, Rhino, Turtle, Frog and Night Angel, battle it out with the hopes of making it to the finals. Last week, we saw Jackie Evancho (Kitty) unmask herself.

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The Four contestants opened the show with an upbeat rendition of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.” Then it came down to some serious individual performances to stay alive for the finale. Night Angel kicked the night off, revealing more clues about herself. Her performance was followed by Turtle, then Rhino and finally Frog rounded out the evening.

Then it was up to the panel and the audience to vote for her they like the best. Turns out, it wasn’t the Rhino. With the least amount of votes, Rhino found himself eliminated just short of the finals.

The panelists gave their best guesses. Robin Thicke guessed the Rhino was country singer Trace Adkins, Ken Jeong took Jenny McCarthy’s guess, saying it was Barry Zito. Jenny concurred with Ken, going with her original guess of baseball player Barry Zito. Nicole Scherzinger took it back to the country music scene by guessing Jason Aldean. Guest panelist Jay Pharoah added his thoughts, saying it was Blake Shelton, simply because he is the only tall country star he knows.

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Turns out Jenny an Ken were spot on. The Rhino turned out to be World Series Champion pitcher Barry Zito.

While Barry was exiting the show, he had some big news to share upon his departure.

We had a baby three days ago. It’s our third boy. We are so happy, he said. When asked what he loved most about being the Rhino, Barry replied, “I just had such a great time and this show has stretched me in so many ways.”

Don’t miss the season finale to see who is behind the Turtle, Frog and Night Angel masks, when it airs Wednesday night on FOX.