As ‘The Masked Singer’ Returns for a Second Season, Changes Are Coming

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When The Masked Singer premiered here in the states earlier this year, it became quite the phenomenon with viewers who couldn’t get enough of trying to figure out which celebrities were hiding under the mask.

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And now, as the addictive show preps to begin it’s second season, there are changes ahead.

“I heard that the phones were ringing off the hook of people who want to be on the show,” host Nick Cannon said during a recent FOX press event in Los Angeles. “It’s the number one show on television, so I think they had a good time booking it this season. I hear the costumes are even more elaborate. I hear last season we had 12 performers [and] I hear we got 16 now. And I hear there’s, like, an egg [costume].”

It also sounds like that viewers can also expect many more A-List celebrities this time around.

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“I heard that because the first season was so successful that so many what they call A-list celebrities have clamored to be a part of season two,” judge Jenny McCarthy says of the new season that will begin this fall. “So I think you’re going to see people… on this show that are like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe they’re doing this show.’ That’s what I think people are going to say about season two.”