The Skeleton is Latest Celeb to Get Unmasked on “The Masked Singer”

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As another episode aired Wednesday night (Oct. 16),  we got to learn another celebrity ‘s identity behind the mask on Fox’s hit show, The Masked Singer.

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This week’s episode saw six characters,Flamingo, Leopard, Black Widow,  Skeleton, Thingamajig and Butterfly, take the stage for their individual performances. In a turn of events, the smackdown battle was no more. This time, the audience would vote for who they thought should stay. The character with the least amount of votes was Skeleton, therefore he needed to be unmasked.

The judges came in with their final guesses. Jenny McCarthy guessed Paul Shafer, Robin Thicke revealed he had nothing new to offer so agreed with Jenny on Paul Shaffer, Ken Jeong came in with Martin Short and Nicole Scherzinger gave her guess to Teller of Penn and Teller.

It came time for the the Skeleton to reveal himself. Turns out, Jenny and Robin were right! The clues, such as being the background led him to be more instrumental in orchestrating people around him and he’s tired of playing second fiddle, pointed to The David Letterman Show band leader, Paul Shaffer.

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“This is nuttier,” Paul said comparing his experience on the show to Letterman show.”It gave me a chance to try songs that I never thought I could pull off in real life. Then you say, ‘Hey, I’ll give it a shot, nobody can see me anyway.’ They had my number from the very beginning, I don’t even know why I bothered.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday night on FOX.