Meat Loaf Falls Off Stage; Reportedly Breaks Collarbone

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Singer Meat Loaf was hospitalized after taking a spill off the stage during a Q&A session for the 2019 Texas Frightmare Weekend.

The 71-year-old apparently had the crowd laughing before he took the fall. As the singer was walking across the stage, you could see him stumble, try to regain his footing and then he goes down.

According to TMZ, Meat Loaf suffered a broken collarbone and taken to a nearby hospital, where he was kept overnight and treated. Apparently the singer tripped over some loose wires on the stage. Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Meat wanted to thank fans before giving up the microphone.

The Frightmare organization issued a statement on Facebook regarding a refund.

“As everyone knows, Meat Loaf fell today. We wanted to keep you updated as soon as we knew something,” they said in the statement. “We just found out that the hospital is keeping him overnight for observation. He will not be able to return on Sunday, but he has already confirmed that he will be back in 2020! He’s a trooper and we are praying a speedy recovery! Photo ops will be refunded as soon as possible.”

We’re wishing Meat Loaf well.