Meghan Trainor Talks Wedding Planning and Her Dream For “Babies Everywhere”


Music star Meghan Trainor has much on her plate right now, but nothing as important as planning her wedding to fiancée Daryl Sabara. In an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday (June 25,) Trainor opened up about just what her wedding and her future might hold.

“As a young girl, I never saw myself with this giant wedding,” she told Fallon. “I saw myself with a hubby and with babies everywhere – I’m not pregnant, but one day – but I want to chill in my backyard with my fam and have my brother DJ and just relax.”

And the food she plans to serve at the wedding? Well, it may include some of her childhood favorites, including Chinese food. “It was such a luxury for us because we would fly it over to Nantucket because we never had like a big Chinese restaurant,” she said.

Of course, all of this wedding planning comes smack dab in the middle of Trainor’s release of her third album “Treat Myself,” which is set to come out on August 31.  “This album is my best work yet and I’m so proud of what we made,” Trainor said in a recent press release about the new album. “I say “we” because I made this entire album with my family, my friends, and my fiancé. It’s everything I stand for and I’m excited to put an upbeat happy album out for the world.” 


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