Megyn Kelly Opens Up On Father’s Death in First Interview Since Departure From the Today Show


Back in October, Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC after comments she made on her morning show about blackface. Ever since then, the talk show host has been fairly quiet out in the media. In her first interview since the firing, Kelly talked to DailyMailTV about her holiday traditions, along with the sadness she still feels surrounding her father’s sudden death.

“It was a sudden heart attack, and it changed my family forever,” Kelly says in the interview about the death of her father, who passed away ten days before Christmas in 1985. “My last sight of him was of him sitting on the couch, looking at the Christmas tree. What I wouldn’t give now to have that moment back. To have just one more chance to tell him how much I love him.”

The 48-year-old still lives in New York City with her husband and three children. And while the controversy surrounding her black face comments still continues to swirl, she says she spends her holidays focusing on something much more important.

“We collect toys, old and new and donate them to the toy drive in our neighborhood,” she says in the interview. “We also pack care packages for our troops serving overseas. My kids love writing notes for the soldiers and it’s a good way to talk to them about what our troops sacrifice for us.”

Megyn’s NBC series “Megyn Kelly Today” was canceled after her controversial comments about blackface and Halloween costumes. “I’m Megyn Kelly and I want to begin with two words: I’m sorry,” she said in an apology after the incident. “I learned that given the history of blackface being used in awful ways by racists in this country, it is not OK for that to be part of any costume, Halloween or otherwise.”