Mel B Promises a Spice Girls Tour But It May Not Include Victoria Beckham


A Spice Girls tour is really happening! During a recent visit to “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Mel B says she’s ready for a Spice Girls reunion and so are the majority of her former bandmates. But, she can’t speak for Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham.

“We’re going to be going on tour,” she told James as the studio audience screamed in approval. “Us four for sure. We’ll see about that one [Posh], but us four are definitely going to be on tour. She might join us for a few. She better.”

While Victoria hasn’t signed on for the reunion tour just yet, Olivia Munn, who was also on the episode, suggested that each night a new celebrity could jump on stage to fill in for Posh.

“I had that idea too!” Mel B exclaimed.

So who could actually portray Posh? Olivia shared her impersonation of the singer much to the excitement of James. While Mel B approved, she added that she has another pop star in mind to fill in for Posh.

“Katy Perry would be a good Posh,” she reasoned.

Mel B won’t have to look too far for stage costumes for the tour as she admits she recently took her old wardrobe out of storage and currently leaves it in her bedroom to try on when friends visit.

“I couldn’t leave all my Spice Girls clothing in a box,” she confessed. “It sounds real self-involved, but I’m actually real proud of what us five girls accomplished. So I’ve got it in my bedroom in the corner. When my friends come over we play dress up.”

The Spice Girls last performed together in 2012 at the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. Since then, Victoria has continually refuted that she would take part in a tour.