Melissa McCarthy Gave Some Pretty Decent (and Hilarious) Advice to Strangers on the Internet


Is Melissa McCarthy the funniest person in the world? I don’t know, but if she’s not, she’s certainly close to the top of the list. And it turns out, Melissa isn’t just funny, she’s also full of great advice, especially advice for strangers on the Internet.

When asked why people “tuna fish,” but not “beef mammal” or “chicken bird,” Melissa agreed that there should be a change in the conversation. I can confidently say there’s probably no better person to lead the charge.

One man asked what to do about his wife’s obsession with Pinterest. Melissa said to leave her alone. And she probably saved that marriage.

This wasn’t advice, but she did declare that Missy Elliott’s “Work It,” is an excellent piece of music.

The topics took on some real range when Melissa was asked about money. And solidly offered up that one should never spend money on reptiles. I’ve never agreed with something more.