Melissa McCarthy Can’t Keep Her Cool During Her Kid’s Basketball Games


Melissa McCarthy is one proud mom!

During a recent visit with Ellen DeGeneres, actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy shared just how excited she gets at her daughter’s basketball games. Given that she is extremely theatrical and hilarious, watching her describe herself during these games makes us feel like we’re there. 

Melissa’s daughter apparently took up guarding naturally; she would even guard her own team from trying to score. Melissa would have to yell, “Georgie, it’s your own team!” Georgette did end up learning.

But, Melissa’s proudest moment came when the 8-year-old scored her first goal. And yes, there were tears.

“We all went crazy. My dad burst out crying. I burst out crying. And there was a woman behind us and she was like, ‘I don’t even know why I’m crying.” This might seem embarrassing in the moment, but years from now this will be comic gold among their family.

Don’t worry, the actress is very aware of the kind of mom she has become; she’s not in denial. She admits, “Something’s happened. I scream and I yell like I’ve lost my mind. I’ve become exactly the person I always feared I would meet.”

She is one funny mom, and I’m sure little Georgette appreciates Melissa’s devotion— even if, it comes off as a bit much.