Melissa McCarthy’s Addiction to Etsy is the Most Relatable Thing Ever


As the world goes crazy around us, sometimes you just have to put your cat sweater on and find a way to smile. Actress Melissa McCarthy did just that recently, and yes, it made us laugh once again.

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in support of her role in the new movie Can You Ever Forgive Me, McCarthy opened up about her current addiction to crafty retail site Etsy.

“I got a bit of a problem with Etsy,” she told Kimmel about the e-commerce site. “It’s a little like at some point, you know Ben (Falcone) my lovely husband? Very mellow, lovely guy. It’s the only thing he’s ever really been like ‘that’s probably enough.’ Every day its like ‘oh, it’s a box from Poland.’ And I have no idea. And I’m like ‘it’s a brass bull! What do we do with it?’”

We so feel ya, Melissa.

And yes, she has in fact been enticed to buy everything from rugs to umbrella stands. In fact, she has bought so much that she actually has been questioned by customs.

“I actually got a letter from customs that they wanted to know what my involvement was with Morocco,” she laughed. “And I was like ‘oh, maybe that’s too much.’”

McCarthy even said that she often forgets everything she purchases. She likes to call it an Etsy blackout.

“Then I get it and I’m actually really delighted,” she says. “It sounds like I’m a crazy hoarder, but I’m not. I don’t buy crazy things, guys.”