Mick Jagger Resting Comfortably After Successful Heart Surgery


It looks as if Mick Jagger has a whole new lease on life now that he has put his heart surgery behind him. According to Billboard magazine, the Rolling Stones’ frontman is resting after going through the heart valve procedure earlier this week.

According to the magazine, Jagger was able to undergo a transcatheter aortic valve replacement, which is a minimally invasive procedure that could have the music legend up and moving very soon. In fact, sources say that Jagger has every intention of returning to the road with his Rolling Stones bandmates later this summer.

It was just this past Sunday (March 31) that the Stones announced that they would have to reschedule the North American leg of their No Filter Tour due to the 75-year-old’s current health troubles.

“I was told he’s fine,” a source told People magazine following the surgery. “If it was someone else, they’d need to recover for two weeks but because Mick jumps around and the performances are strenuous, he needed to postpone the tour.”

For now, doctors will just keep a close eye on the music legend to ensure that no complications pop up following the procedure in which doctors used a catheter to access the major artery.

Get well Mick.