Ellen’s Guest Host Mila Kunis Fan Girls Over “The Bachelor’s” Colton and Cassie


While guest hosting for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mila Kunis revealed her obsession over The Bachelor.

Mila Kunis chose Colton Underwood from The Bachelor to be her guest DJ, and he brought a guest of his own—his fiancée, Cassie Randolph. While we love Ellen and Twitch, I will admit that this temporary duo was charming—maybe Mila and Colton need a show of their own?

As Colton and Cassie have been busy touring around the country doing press, Colton hilariously revealed that “this is back to normal life, a guest DJ on Ellen,” with Mila quipping back, “Yeah, me too, buddy!”

“You know, I’ve never nerded out on any actor. The only people I’ve ever fanned on were reality people,” Mila said. “Is that weird?” 

While on the show, The Bachelor also couple revealed how they snuck around before the show aired, which included secret disguises. If they wanted to go out in public, they would throw on a wig or draw on some facial before walking out the door. Colton’s riskiness to meet up even started fights within their relationship.

But Mila came to Colton’s defense: “He jumped an 8-foot fence for you,” she said.