Could Miley Cyrus and Mason Ramsey Be Country Music’s Next Super Duo?

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It was all the buzz when Billy Ray Cyrus and Mason “Lil’ Hank Williams” Ramsey hit the stage of the Grand Ole Opry to perform the global smash hit, “Old Town Road.”

However, what was going on behind the scenes, in the historic dressing rooms of the Opry, is just as buzzworthy.

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Apparently, Billy Ray didn’t show up alone to his evening appearance. His talented and lovely daughter, Miley, joined him for the epic event. And, like anyone does when they’re in the presence of a true and genuine talent, there was a quick grip-and-grin photo op.

Now, we can’t be sure if Mason asked for the pictures or Miley did, but it doesn’t even matter. The pair seem tickled to meet each other and for the time to visit and even hold an impromptu singalong, which often happens backstage at the Opry.

Miley shared posts on her Instagram page of the meeting, including their rendition of “Old Town Road.” She hilariously captioned it, “I’m gonna take @lilhankwilliams to the old town road …. cause he can’t drive yet.”

They also grabbed a quick-pic, tipping their hats to the camera like cowboys do.

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It wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see and hear these two reconnect over more music in the future. Miley has always appreciated the country format and has even dabbled with performances. Plus, she’s a Nashville girl and her godmother is Dolly Parton, so maybe she’d join in.

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