Miley Cyrus’ Mom Tish Calls Out Daughter for Being “Bratty Millennial” and “Disgusting”

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Miley Cyrus is getting called out by her mom. The 26-year-old is revealing what her mom thought about her during an Instagram moment while she vacationed with her sister Brandi and mom, Tish Cyrus.

The vacation has the family enjoying the sights of Utah’s Zion National Park, Arizona’s Antelope Canyon and Nevada’s Atlatl Rock, but Miley seemed to be more concerned with posting content on her phone. Apparently, this didn’t sit well with mom.

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On her Instagram story, Miley shared a photo of herself sitting inside on her phone instead of taking the time to enjoy her surroundings on vacation.

“My mom called this ‘disgusting’ there was a gorgeous sunset and I was inside on my phone ‘serving content,'” Miley wrote alongside the photo. “It’s hard to get in trouble once you’re an adult but she said I looked like a ‘bratty millennial’ which I do… but is it bad if I like the pic and wanna post? Is that the worst? @tishcyrus.”

Miley Cyrus photo where mom Tish Cyrus calls her disgusting

At lease Miley does admit she looks like a “bratty millennial.”

Miley has been sharing photos from the family trip, which she needed after splitting from husband Liam Hemsworth and then later from Kaitlynn Carter.

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We’re sure Miley’s not the only “bratty millennial” getting scolded by their parents to put their phones down, but we can’t blame her. That’s what the kids are doing today.

Enjoy your vacation!

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