Miley Cyrus Gives Update on Husband Liam Hemsworth’s Health

Miley Cyrus shares health update on Liam Hemsworth
Photo by Tammie Arroyo /

Miley Cyrus stepped up performing her wifely duties by filling in for her husband Liam Hemsworth at the red carpet premiere of his new movie “Isn’t It Romantic.”

Liam was unable to make it to the premiere because of a hospitalization over the weekend, so his wife stepped in to help out. Taking to Instagram, Miley revealed that while Liam wanted to be there but “this time it was crucial” that he had to skip the event.

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Looking radiant in a Valentino gown, Miley made it clear she wasn’t there for Liam.

“Everyone keeps thinking I’m here for Liam but I say I’m actually here for Mason… Valentino,” she told Extra TV on the carpet.

The 26-year-old proceeded to give an update on her husband’s condition, saying, “He’s doing much better. He just needs to rest and I think that’s sometimes hard for entertainers to remember that your health is the most important thing so you can make the next movie that everyone’s going to love. So doctors orders and my orders, he had to stay back.”

As for how Miley is taking care of her hubby while he’s on the mend, it turns out she had other duties to take care of instead, like looking good.

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“I’ve been pretty much the worst. I’ve been glamming up all day,” Miley reports. But rest assured Liam was able to eventually catch Miley’s performance at the Grammy Awards the night before, even if he was in the hospital while she was on stage.

“He was actually at the hospital then, so he listened to it on one of those sad little remote speakers. So I made him listen to it for real when I got home,” Miley shared.

As Liam recovers, the couple will be celebrating Valentine’s day by eating greasy food at home. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered.