The Hilarious “Mom So Hard” Ladies Are Back Again With Their Best Mom Dance Moves


The comedic duo of Kristen Hensley and Jen Smidley have made a career out of being darn funny. But the two moms are quickly becoming much more than that. Not only are they touring the country with their hilarious routine about their life as wives and moms, they are also finding themselves going more viral with each and every passing week thanks to their “I Mom So Hard” Youtube videos.

In their most recent one, the two show off their dance moves to the sounds of some vintage Vanilla Ice in a children’s playroom, and yes, we confirm that they look just like us…they can’t dance.

But what they can do is find the funny in that undeniable fact. “I hit like 30 and I stopped being able to find the beat,” Smidley says with a cocktail in her hand.

“In my mind, I’m dancing as fast as I’m supposed to but my body will not move fast,” she adds. “They move very fast nowadays.”

Perhaps the funniest part of the video is when they unabashedly try to show off some of the most complicated of dance moves – thus, the worm. And yes, the look on their faces as they realize that they are ultimately doing this in front of millions makes us love them even more.