Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson Team Up to Con Men in New Trailer For “The Hustle” [Watch]

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First there we had Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor and Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, and now there’s… Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson? That’s right, the leading ladies are starring in MGM’s new buddy comedy, The Hustle.

IMDB describes the movie as a remake of the 1988 comedy, ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’, starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine. In the film, Anne plays an elite con artist who befriends Rebel, a blue-collar con artist, and schools her on the easy way to con wealthy men out of their money.

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The trailer shows Anne and Rebel teaming up to perform cons that people wouldn’t expect two women perpetrating.

“Why are women better suited for the con than men,” Anne’s character asks with a British accent.

“Because we’re used to faking it?, Rebel replies.

To which Anne replies, “Because no man will ever believe a woman is smarter than he is.”

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And that’s the premise for “The Hustle.” But first Anne, has to train Rebel how the art of conning, by being able to cry on cue, knife throwing and being inconspicuous. Cue the hilarity.

“The Hustle” will hit theaters on May 10.