Actor Chris Pratt Mourns the Loss of Prince Rupert the Ram On His Ranch: ‘It’s a Solemn Day’


It has seemed that we’ve all been under an umbrella of sadness in recent months as we continue to watch the country suffer within the current pandemic. But sadness comes in all forms and for all reasons, and actor Chris Pratt is feeling some of that sort of sadness right now himself as he mourns the loss of a farm favorite.

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“It’s a solemn day at Stillwater Ranch as Prince Rupert the ram passed away,” Pratt wrote on his Instagram page on Thursday (June 25) alongside a picture of him and Prince Rupert. “He took his final rest # right next to the still water of the lake under a 100-year-old apple tree. I’m very sad. I was the only one who could wrestle him down to clip his hooves. He was a big cuddler and sported the thickest most beautiful chocolate coat. He will live on in our hearts and at the farm as many of his lambs will enter the flock this year.”

Luckily, Pratt has much love around him right now, as the Guardians of the Galaxy actor married Katherine Schwarzenegger back in June of 2019. And now, the couple is expecting their first child. Pratt also shares a 7-year-old son with ex-wife Anna Faris.

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And yes, his wife has been keeping him laughing since they first started dating.

“She just thought I was funny and it was really nice,” Pratt said during a recent interview with Rob Lowe on his new podcast, Literally! with Rob Lowe. “For me, it really works because I’m always trying to make people laugh and so, she likes to laugh, I make her laugh, it’s a good fit.”