Clint Eastwood Brings 1996 Atlanta Bombing to Big Screen With “Richard Jewell” [Watch]

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Warner Brothers released a first look at the Clint Eastwood directed drama Richard Jewell, about the 1996 Atlanta Bombing, where the security guard was accused of planting the bomb at Centennial Olympic Park.

IMDB shares a synopsis of the upcoming film based on the true story. “American security guard, Richard Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser), heroically saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is unjustly vilified by journalists and the press who falsely report that he was a terrorist.”

The film stars Sam Rockwell as Jewell’s attorney, Kathy Bates as Bobi Jewell (Richard’s mom), Jon Hamm as lead FBI investigatorTom Shaw, Olivia Wilde as reporter Kathy Scruggs) and Paul Walter Hauser as Richard Jewell.

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The trailer recounts the true life moments of the bomb scare during the 1996 Summer Olympics. After finding the bomb and saving hundreds of people from being killed or injured, Richard Jewell’s name was front and center as a suspect.

In the clip, the FBI coerces Richard into saying the words, “there’s a bomb in Centennial Park, you have thirty minutes,” the same words the bomber used that day.

“Authorities are looking to eat you alive,” his attorney says. “His accusers are two of the most powerful forces in the world—The United States Government and the media.”

The trailer ends with the words “The world will know his name and the truth.”

Richard Jewell is set to hit theaters Dec. 13.