The Podcast Every Hallmark Holiday Movie Lover (and Hater) Needs To Listen To This Year


When it comes to Hallmark’s annual holiday movies, you either love them or you hate them. Or you love to hate them.

Regardless of where you stand, you can’t deny that Hallmark’s Christmas movies are practically an American staple each year as the holiday season approaches.

That’s why these three friends decided to watch and review every single Hallmark Christmas premiere this holiday season. Yes, you read that correctly. Every. Single. One.

The Deck The Hallmark Podcast is hosted by Brandon Gray (who loves Hallmark Christmas movies), Daniel Pandolph (who likes Hallmark Christmas movies), and Daniel Thompson (who despises Hallmark Christmas movies).

Together, they provide varying points of views and hilarious banter about the films. From the predictability of the movies to the undeniable cheese factor, the Deck The Hallmark fellas know there’s something special about these movies that draw people together.

“There’s a Hallmark Christmas movie that came out in 2017 called The Christmas Train where one of the characters says this: “There’s no problem too big that can’t be solved by a sunrise or Christmas morning”. I think that quote explains why people love these movies,” Brandon told One Country. 

“There’s something in our inner-most being that truly does believe that the world is a little bit better, or a little nicer, or a little less self-absorbed at Christmas. These movies embody that belief because every movie ends with a happy ending…and sometimes, that’s just what we need.”

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Even Daniel Thompson, the “hater” of Hallmark movies, agrees that there is something special about the predictability of the films. “While there are many different shapes and sizes of films, the majority of moviegoers want to see the same thing.  They want to see the guy get the girl, the good guy vanquish evil, and everyone to live happily ever after,” he said.

Hallmark gets that; they understand their audience probably better than most, and they keep churning out content viewers are sure to love, even if it’s produced in a week and doesn’t make any logical sense.”

With Hallmark’s Holiday movie premieres ramping up over the next few weeks, the content from these three is sure to be premium— but ultimately, they just want to have fun.

“This podcast is really about just having a blast watching movies that we all know aren’t great. We know what Hallmark movies are and I think that is part of the joke, right?” Deck The Hallmark’s moderate movie viewer Daniel Pandolph said.

“I think on a very basic level, we like the predictability and cheese of Hallmark movies because they give us a chance to check out and relax. You know nothing too gut-wrenching is going to happen.  You can multitask,” he said. “In a world of terrible news, these movies give us a sort of safe spot to land.”

You can stay up to date on their latest episodes here, including their first full episode reviewing Hallmark’s latest premiere of “Christmas at Pemberley Manor.”