Drew Barrymore Just Did the Staircase Challenge, And It Didn’t Go As Planned (WATCH)

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Drew Barrymore is bored.

Heck, the whole world is pretty bored right about now as the country is on strict orders to stay inside to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. But for stars like Barrymore with big social media followings, there is a benefit of posting content that can make your fans smile at a time such as this.

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And Barrymore did just that.

As part of a viral challenge started by renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney, Barrymore wrapped up in a blanket on Wednesday (April 1) and headed to slide down the stairs in her home. But it didn’t seem to go as well as Barrymore might have hoped.

“This isn’t going well,” the Never Been Kissed actress admits in the Instagram video. “I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to look. I hope this satisfies.”

Indeed, McCartney’s attempt at the challenge seemed to go forward without a hitch, and actually looked sort of fun.

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“DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME,” McCartney wrote on her own Instagram page on Tuesday (March 31) “My staircase is keeping me occupied… what are you guys doing to fill the time?”

Thinking you might want to try it out? Just make sure you stay safe out there! We don’t need any injuries while quarantining!