Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Sends Impassioned Plea For Leadership: ‘Where Are You? Where Is Our Leader?’


As protests continue across the country and around the world in support of Blake Lives Matter, Dwayne Johnson instead headed to his Instagram page to let some of his feelings out.

And lets just say, we could smell what “The Rock” is cooking.

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“Where are you?” the actor who got his start on the wrestling circuit as “The Rock” said at the beginning of the video. “Where is our leader? Where is our leader at this time when our country is down on its knees, begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain begging and pleading with its arms out, just wanting to be heard?”

The passionate message goes on for exactly 8 minutes and 25 seconds, almost the same  amount of time that a Minneapolis police officer held his knee on George Floyd’s neck before he died. And while Johnson never specifically mentions President Donald Trump’s name in the video, it is quite evident who he is sending this strict message out to.

“Where is our compassionate leader who’s going to step up to our country who’s down on its knees, and extend a hand and say, ‘You stand up, stand up with me because I got you,” Johnson continues. “I hear you, I’m listening to you. And you have my word that I’m going to do everything in my power, until my dying day, my last breath, to do everything I can to create the change that is needed, to normalize equality because black lives matter.’ Where are you?”

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Johnson’s passionate speech might be a sign of things to come for the Jumanji actor, who has expressed an interest in recent years to pursue some sort of political office, according to Variety.

Johnson continues his plea in the caption for the video.

“Where is our compassionate leader? The leader who unifies and inspires our country at our most painful time when we need it the most. The leader who steps up and takes full accountability for our country and embraces every color in it. The leader who picks our country up off its knees and says you have my word – we got this – and together, change will happen. Where are you? Because we’re all here. Maybe one day that galvanizing leader will emerge. Either way, the process to change has already begun.”