Hey ‘Home Alone’ Fans – A Re-Boot Of Your Favorite Movie Might Be in the Works

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In an effort to prove once more that everything old is new again, the beloved movie Home Alone just might be getting a reboot.

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The announcement was made Tuesday (August 6) as part of the bigger news that Disney would be coming out with a brand new streaming service. This service will not only include Marvel and Star Wars series, but also a brand new version of the 1990 classic movie.

And it’s not the only one.

According to EW.com, Disney CEO Bob Iger says that the new streaming service will give Disney the chance to consider reboots of a number of beloved movies including Night at the MuseumCheaper by the Dozen, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

What might be surprising to many is that a number of people seemed to head to Twitter purely to express that they just weren’t interested in a new version of the classic film.

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“I don’t want a Home Alone reboot, I want a sequel with Catherine O’Hara and Macaulay Culkin abandoning the rest of the family to go on fabulous vacations,” one Twitter user said.

“Disney is trying to remake Home Alone,” another Twitter user wrote. “Just leave it alone my dawg leave it alone. Home Alone and HomeAlone2 are classics.”

So, what do you guys think?