Jamaican Bobsled Team Member Sam Clayton Jr. Dead at 58 of Coronavirus

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Famed Jamaican Bobsled member Sam Clayton Jr. is dead at the age of 58 due to complications stemming from coronavirus. According to reports, Clayton passed away on March 31.

The 1993 Disney movie Cool Runnings was inspired by Clayton and his fellow team members. Indeed, the 1988 Winter Olympics was made that much more special thanks to the resiliency of that special team, which makes Clayton’s death that much more tragic.

But the bobsled was not Clayton’s only claim to fame. According to People, Clayton was also a producer and sound engineer and worked with a number of music artists from all around the world.

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“When it comes to mankind, there are countless goals, ambitions, and aspirations; but in the case of Sam Clayton Jr., there is no doubt in my mind, that his was ‘that aim to please,’” Steel Pulse front man David Hinds said. “There was not one idle bone in his body. Any project he embarked upon was always done wholeheartedly.”

Survivors include his wife, Annie Clayton; a daughter, Joelle Clayton; three sons, John and Simon Clayton and Ice Fulchiron; and four sisters, Nicole, Sophia, Aiesha and Suzzanne Clayton; and three grandchildren.

We send our heartfelt condolences to all those who mourn his death.