LeAnn Rimes is Starring in a New Hallmark Christmas Movie This Year and We’re Counting Down Already


Though Christmas isn’t exactly right around the corner, we can still get excited about one of the biggest and most highly anticipated Christmas events: Hallmark’s Christmas movie lineup.

Now, we have even more reason to be excited about their 2018 season because LeAnn Rimes is starring in her first Hallmark film in over 20 years– “It’s Christmas, Eve.” (Not to be confused with “It’s Christmas, Carol”).

According to Country Living, Rimes will be playing the role of Eve Morgan, a superintendent with a knack for music who is tasked with reviving her hometown high school’s music department. Her character, who is mourning the passing of her father (a former jazz musician), is hesitant to help until she meets Liam, the school’s music director.

Not only will Rimes be acting in the movie– she will have two original songs featured in the film: “It’s Christmas Eve,” and “You and Me and Christmas.”

“LeAnn Rimes is such a multi-talented artist, and we have wanted to work with her for years,” said Michelle Vicary, executive vice president for Crown Media Family Network. “Our viewers are in for a treat as LeAnn is the lead in a Hallmark Christmas movie and has also penned beautiful original songs that she sings in the film.”