New Trailer for ‘Little Women’ is Here and It’s Everything We Hoped For [WATCH]


Chances are that many of us remember reading the book Little Women back in school and devouring every page of the story of the four young women growing up in the age of Civil War.

And if you haven’t read it? Well, you are now in for a treat.

The trailer for the new movie Little Women is here, and its everything we hoped for. The movie, which stars actresses such as Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, and Laura Dern, follows the story of four sisters who each have their own dreams during a time that women were often discouraged to do anything but get married and have children.

“Make it short and spicy,” an editor tells aspiring author Jo during one point of the movie, which is an adaption of the Louisa May Alcott classic. “And if the main character is a girl, make sure she’s married at the end.”

The trailer also shows Jo striking back against those now outdated ideals.

“Women, they have minds and they have souls as well as just hearts,” she says in the trailer. “And they’ve got ambition and they’ve got talent as well as just beauty. And I’m so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for.”

Little Women is set for release before the end of the year.