Live-Action Version of Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” is Coming This November

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Fresh off the heels of the live-action remake of The Lion King, Disney is back with the first look at the new Lady and the Tramp.

Shared on their socials on Tuesday (August 13,) the pic shows two adorable rescue pups that are soon destined to fall in love over a plate of pasta in the movie.

“Check out this first look at the live-action Lady and the Tramp on the cover of our latest issue of “Disney twenty-three,” the Instagram caption reads on the Official Disney Fan Club Instagram page.

The movie will also feature the voices of Tessa Thompson, Sam Elliott and Justin Theroux. The movie is set for release on Disney’s streaming service Disney+ come November.

But surprisingly though, not everyone seems too excited about this particular remake.

“Honestly Disney,” one fan commented on the Instagram post. “I love you. To death. But can you please divert your energies towards making awesome new movies instead of remaking the 58376163 ones you have already made??”

“Can you at least animate the eyes & face, make them WAY more expressive,” another fan said. “We’re losing all the magic of visual storytelling which is SO IMPORTANT in these type of animal character-driven stories, you’re losing all the connection, individuality & expression. You should only make movies like action that will actually benefit from that style, not because of the popularity of the movie & the chance of cash grabbing from it.”


So what do you think – are they right?