New “Dumbo” Trailer is Here and It’s as Magical As We Hoped [WATCH]

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Ok, so while the release of the movie Dumbo may be months away, the movie trailer is here and it has us counting down the days.

The first official trailer for the Tim Burton remake was released on Wednesday (Nov. 14) and showcased all of the big names who play a role in the movie. Danny DeVito will play the role l of the owner of a faltering circus and will work with a former star played by Colin Farrell.

Michael Keaton also plays the role of entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere and, as the story goes, wants Dumbo to appear in his entertainment venture Dreamland.

“You have something very rare,” Keaton’s character says in the trailer. “You have wonder, you have mystique, you have magic. Come with me. Together we can soar on those elephant’s wings.”

The movie looks to follow the general storyline of the 1941 movie, but gosh knows any Burton remake is going to take on a whole new look. Burton is best known for his work in Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

No matter what, the new movie looks to get itself a whole new legion of fans come next year. You can catch “Dumbo” on March 29, 2019.