Nicole Kidman Responds To Awkward Golden Globe Awards Moment with Rami Malek— “I Was Mortified”


It was a moment from the Golden Globes that went viral online and now the stars involved, Rami Malek and Nicole Kidman, are setting the record straight.

Let’s return to the scene of the crime. When Nicole took the stage at the Golden Globe Awards to announce that “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which stars Rami Malek, had won the award for Best Motion Picture (Drama), Rami entered from side stage, after just winning for best actor, to accept with his cast and crew.

As he entered, the 37-year-old actor went to hug Nicole and reached for her back. At that moment, Nicole turned away from Rami to walk off the stage. Why? Because she didn’t see Rami enter from the side. That seemed to be obvious, but that didn’t matter to the internet world because they went crazy saying Nicole snubbed the actor. Not true.

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Entertainment Tonight caught up with both Rami and Nicole to get their take on the incident that, for some reason, went viral.

“We’re really good friends so that’s why—I just did not feel his hand on my back,” Nicole said. “I was mortified. No, I love that man and he’s so gentle and softly spoken. He sent me an email, I sent him an email, we were laughing actually. We were both in a bit of a daze.”

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Rami also acknowledged the moment from the carpet of the Critics Choice Awards saying, “Nicole’s the best and we’ve been having a laugh about it together. She’s another one I’ve admired for so many years.”

So as we suspected there’s nothing to see here folks.