“Rambo: Last Blood” Trailer Has Sylvester Stallone Going Home For The Fight


The new trailer for Rambo: Last Blood dropped on Tuesday (Aug. 20) and we can’t get enough. “Rambo was the best” we can hear as the trailer begins for the Sylvester Stallone film.

Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as John Rambo, a Vietnam War veteran, who takes his fighting skills home to defend the family he’s known from a Mexican drug cartel. After a young girl, Gabrielle, (she calls him uncle John in the trailer) is kidnapped by the cartel, Rambo goes into action.

“I finally came home to defend the only family I’ve ever known,” Rambo says in the clip. “All she’s got is me. She’s coming home. You started this, I’ll end it.”

And by the looks of it he does. In the clip, Rambo takes on the cartel and things get bloody, very much like the previous Rambo movies.

Throughout the teaser, we see a flashback to a younger Rambo who took justice into his own hands throughout the four previous films including, First Blood (1982), Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Rambo III (1988) and Rambo (2008). The fifth installment also stars Paz Vega, Oscar Jaenada, Louis Mandylor, Adriana Barraza and Yvette Monreal.

The films slogan reads, “what made him a soldier, will make him a legend.”

Sylvester took to Instagram to share the clips himself. “THE NEW TEASER. !!!! ,” he wrote. “HE DID NOT START IT , BUT HE WILL END IT “

He also teased the trailer, sharing a photo of him on top of horse, where he is full of blood. “New RAMBO. LAST BLOOD teaser coming this Tuesday … Horsepower,” he wrote. One thing we can be assured of with a new Rambo movie, there will be lots of blood.

Rambo: Last Blood is directed by Adrian Grunberg and is scheduled to hit theaters on September 20.