A Trailer for Steve Carell’s New Movie “Welcome to Marwen” Has Been Released and We’re Already in Tears

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If you have spent any sort of time at a theatre lately, chances are that you have a caught a look at the trailer for Steve Carell’s new movie “Welcome to Marwen.”

And if you haven’t seen it, well this is your lucky day.

Based on the life of artist and photographer Mark Hogancamp, the movie goes into the story of a man who deals with PTSD after being attacked by a group of men. In order to cope, he creates a World War II diorama of sorts with dolls representing the strong women in his real life that are helping him deal with the turmoil of his diagnosis.

“I was a hell of a good artist, and now I can barely write my name,” Carell’s character says in the trailer. “They kicked every memory I ever had out of my head. Everything from before the attack is gone, so my dolls have to tell the story.”

And while the plot may seem a tad unusual, chances are that this movie will make quite the impression, especially considering that it is directed by none other than Robert Zemeckis, the same director that has brought us movies such as Forest Gump and Cast Away.