Taylor Swift, James Corden and Jennifer Hudson to Star in “Cats” Adaptation


In what might be some of the more bizarre news we’ve heard in a while, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden are all teaming up for a very meow-y project.

According to Screen Daily, Swift, Hudson and Corden are set to star in the “Cats” film, directed by Tom Hooper, who directed “The Kings Speech.” Considering James Corden’s love of acting, Jennifer Hudson’s love of being in the spotlight and Taylor Swift’s love of…well, cats, it all seems to make perfect sense, right?

The incredibly popular stage version of “Cats” is the 4th longest-running show in Broadway history— but will the film be as big of a hit? The Broadway production has reportedly grossed more than $340 million, which is a high bar to set.

No word on when the film will be released, but we’ll be curious as a cat to hear more. Okay, I’ll stop.

If you aren’t familiar with “Cats,” here’s a 1998 trailer for the Broadway Musical. Enjoy.