Trace Adkins Stars In MercyMe’s New Film For “I Can Only Imagine”

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MercyMe’s hit song “I Can Only Imagine”, a Christian song about the hope of Heaven, is becoming a feature-length film. The song does not tell a story, but that doesn’t mean a song cannot be tacked onto it. And while the film doesn’t look like An Oscar nominee, it does star Trace Adkins and Danny Quaid.

The film looks to tell the story of writing “I Can Only Imagine,” one of the most popular Christian songs of all time. Quaid plays the main character’s troubled father while Trace Adkins looks like a kind of musical mentor to the lead character. Cynically, I expect all of Adkin’s screen time to be limited to one scene. Even so, the trailer leans into his appearance more than that of Quaid, who is a tried and trusted actor.

The film was made in conjunction with Billy Bob’s dance hall in Texas. The venue posted the first trailer to their Instagram page with a plug for Adkin’s concert on April 7.