Late Model Driver Mike Jones’ Dad Rescues Him From Burning Car Mid NASCAR Race: “I Did Not Care That There Were Flames”


There is nothing like the love between a father and a son, and it was this sort of love that was on display during a recent NASCAR race at South Boston Speedway over Father’s Day weekend. During the race, late model driver Mike Jones’ car burst into flames after spinning out, essentially trapping him in the car.

But that’s when his dad came to the rescue.

“I could see someone jump over the wall in a white shirt and in that moment in time, I figured it would have to be him,” the young driver said during an interview with “Good Morning America.”

“I did not care that there were flames and I did not care that I had a polo shirt and shorts,” added Jones’ father Dean, who also serves as his son’s crew chief on the racing team. “The only thing I was concerned about was getting my son out of that car.”

And while Dean will now be on probation by the race track for the remainder of the year since he broke the rules by running onto the track, he says he wouldn’t have changed a thing.

“If (Mike) had been trapped in that car and I couldn’t have gotten him out, I would have died there with him,” he said.