NASCAR’S Kyle Busch and Wife Samantha Share News of Miscarriage— “It’s Just Heartbreaking”

Kyle Busch wife Samantha miscarriage
Photo courtesy Kyle Busch Instagram

Sad news from NASCAR’s Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha. The couple who have been sharing their journey of IVF to conceive a baby, have suffered a miscarriage.

Samantha took to social media to explain to her followers what had happened, as she has done throughout the entire IVF process.

“Earlier this week I suffered a miscarriage. We lost our baby girl,” Samantha wrote in a Twitter post. “My heart hurts more than words can describe. I promise I will answer your questions and share more updates when we are ready, we just need some time as a family to process all of this. Xo, Samantha.”

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In a tearful video, Samantha bravely opens up to explain what had happened the day she and her husband lost their baby.

“Today around 11 o’clock my stomach started hurting and I stood up and I was bleeding,” she said through tears. “And then we went to the doctor and I was passing a lot of clots and bleeding. They did an ultrasound and they said my cervix was still closed and she was in there, but I was in the beginning of a miscarriage.”

She continued, “Yeah, we knew from the beginning that sharing this, there was always the possibility that this could . happen I guess with how Brexton was and how our numbers looked. I never thought it would happen. It’s really hard to share. It’s just heartbreaking.”

The couple have been very open with their struggles to conceive, taking fans on their journey through IVF with their first child Brexton. They were equally as open about their second attempt with IVF to conceive another child. Samantha has been updating followers every step of the way.

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“Had a quick and easy procedure to remove the polyp in my uterus so that they could do the embryo transfer in a few weeks. It went great just a little groggy and crampy now,” she said. “This was an emotional bump in the road but happy to say we have cleared another hurdle in our journey! I can’t thank all of you enough for your sweet messages and for sharing your IVF stories with us! We are a strong community.”

In November, Samantha and Kyle documented the embryo transfer and a few weeks later were able to announce that the procedure had worked and they were in fact pregnant with a baby girl.

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“Feeling blessed today! We are excited to announce that the tests came back positive for our baby girl!,” she wrote. “We’re cautiously optimistic since it’s still so early but so far everything looks great!”

Our thoughts are with Kyle and Samantha at this difficult time.