NASCAR’s Ryan Newman Reveals What Really Happened Following Terrifying Daytona 500 Crash

Ryan Newman talks about Daytona 500 crash accident
Photo courtesy Ryan Newman Instagram

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is finally speaking out.

In his first sit down interview since his terrifying accident on the last lap of this year’s Daytona 500, Newman finally revealed the extent of his injuries, saying that he basically suffered a bruised brain as a result of the accident. And yes, the injury will take time to heal.

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“I was knocked out,” Newman said in an interview on the Today show Wednesday (March 11.) “There was a point where I don’t remember a part of the race. Realistically I just feel so lucky. On so many levels I feel so lucky.”

And yes, he has watched plenty of replays of the Feb. 17 crash.

“(It’s) still humbling to watch it and know that I’m sitting here without a headache, which is amazing,” said Newman, who spent just two days in the hospital following the accident. “Just a miracle on so many levels, and thankful for so many people for prayers, for all the things that went into me being safer in that situation. On so many levels, I feel so lucky. You look at the crash, you think that’s spectacular in a bad way. You look at the car afterwards, you think about all the things of what happened right for me to be sitting here.”

While the Indiana native says that he plans to return to racing eventually, there is no specific timetable as to when he will climb back in the car. He just wants to get back on the track as soon as he can.

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But when he does, he certainly hopes his angels will be with him yet again.

“The angels aligned and held a really good grip with their hands,” he said.