7 Things We Learned From the ‘Tiger King’ Extra Episode ‘The Tiger King and I’


During a time of quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are looking for shows to watch to kill some time. Enter Netflix. The streaming service released the documentary Tiger King Murder, Mayhem and Madness during the height of quarantine and the world ate it up.

The documentary has become a massive hit, introducing us to the underworld of big cat owners including Joe Exotic, Jeff Lowe, Carole Baskin and the staff of the Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. Since each of us have already gone through the 8 episode series in a day or two, we are wanting more.

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Well, enter Netflix again. The service enlisted the help of Joel McHale to host a follow up episode where he interviews the cast of characters that we love to judge. The episode is titled The Tiger King and I and has Joel interviewing John Finlay, Saff, Rick Kirkham, Erik Cowie, Lauren and Jeff Lowe, John Reinke and Joshua Dial. (If you’re not familiar with those names, start bingeing).

Here are 7 things we learned from The Tiger King and I.

1. Erik Cowie Has No Love Lost for Joe Exotic

While Erik has not seen the documentary yet  (he may be the only person) he regrets working with Joe Exotic.

Joe was an a**hole man. You couldn’t talk to him without getting yelled at. He’d run people off in 20 minutes by the absurdly crass things that have come out of his mouth,” Erik said. “Twenty two years doing federal time…He’s going to die in there so, good riddance.”

2. Allen is a Sweetheart. 

You may recall Allen as a stoic, coldhearted man who does interviews in a bathtub and takes care of business. That business could be murder for hire. While many were scared by Allen’s teardrop tattoo, apparently he’s a sweetheart.

According to Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren, he’s quite a guy. “He’s the kindest…he’s the sweetest hitman you ever could hire,” Jeff said.

“He is the sweetest,” added Lauren.

Good to know.

3. Joe Killed Healthy Tigers. 

“Joe killed the tigers. He admitted to killing the tigers from jail,” shared Jeff.

“And they were healthy tigers,” added Lauren. “They were two to three years old.”

“He said they were sick,” continued Jeff. “They were beautiful, healthy tigers that he called over to the fence and he shot them in the head because he needed the cage space. So Joe goes out there and he makes the room for these cats by killing five beautiful, healthy tigers.”

4. Saff’s Attack is Used as a Safety Video for the Park

“There was a time in place where we had to use it as a safety video,” Saff said. “We didn’t have any further of a conversation than this should be the one thing people need to see before they decide if this is a career move they want to make.”

5. Joshua Dial was Unable to get counseling after witnessing Travis Maldonado’s death

“I had to go in that office everyday and sit in that same chair and look at that bullet hole in the wall for a year and a half after Travis killed himself. I was never able to get counseling because Joe didn’t help me and neither did Jeff Lowe”

6. Travis’s Death was an Accident

“We were talking. He was telling me about his gun. Joe just bought him a Ruger,” Josh said. “He said, ‘you know a Ruger won’t fire without a clip.’ I said, ‘really.’ And he said, ‘yeah’ and right then he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger to prove to me that it wouldn’t fire without a clip. However, it must’ve had one in the chamber,” Josh added. “I could see the surprise and the fear in his eyes. Basically translated he’s like,  ‘oh crap, what did I just do.’ Maybe five seconds of his eyes I could read it and then he was gone.”

7. John Finlay not only has new teeth, but he also has a Tongue piercing

They don’t mention it in the interview, but you can see it when he talks. Ouch.

8. Joe is Terrified of Big Cats

According to Rick Kirkham, the big cat owner had a fear of cats.

“The one thing that wasn’t pointed out in the docu-series that is important to know too, Joe was terrified of big cats,” Rick revealed. “He was scared to death of lions and tigers. In the shots that you see in there where he’s in with the two tigers, the white one and the other one, the white one is blind and the other one is on tranquilizers. It’s idiotic to think how he’s become famous as the Tiger King when he’s so terrified of big cats. ”