18 Christmas Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Netflix has come in hot this year with some incredible Christmas movies— from tried-and-true classics like “White Christmas” to new Netflix originals, there are plenty of cheesy holiday movies for you to watch as you countdown the days ’til Christmas.

The Christmas Chronicles 

“The Christmas Chronicles” details the story of a brother and sister who try to catch Santa Claus on camera— which, of course, leads to an incredible journey.

Christmas Inheritance 

The title alone tells you this is going to be a good one! A heiress, Ellen, will inherit her father’s gift company, but she must deliver a Christmas card to her dad’s former partner in Snow Falls. Of course, a big snowstorm leaves her stranded in the small town, where she finds romance.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

Does this one even need an explanation?

Christmas With a View 

What happens when a failed restaurateur and a celebrity chef start to fall for each other? Let’s just say, things get interesting.

The Holiday Calendar 

The plot for this one is interesting — a talented yet struggling photographer inherits a nmagic advent calendar that seems to predict the future. So, naturally, she hopes it will help her find love. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Christmas Wedding Planner 

In this film, we see a wedding planner who’s tasked with planning her cousin’s lavish wedding when a private investigator shows up to disrupt the wedding, but of course ends up being a major love interest. This can only go well, right?

Christmas in the Smokies 

In “Christmas in the Smokies,” we see a family try to save their berry farm while all odds are working against them. Of course, there’s a little romance along the way, too.

A Holiday Engagement 

This is what I like to call a classic holiday cheese-fest. When Hillary gets dumpted by her fiance, she hires an actor to play his part as she goes home for family holiday in order to avoid being berated by her mom.

A Christmas Prince 

In this popular Netflix holiday movie, we see a reporter go undercover as a tutor to see the inside life of a prince — whom, of course, she falls for in the process.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

And, the sequel to the aforementioned “A Christmas Prince,” the couple’s royal wedding plays out in the new movie…or will it?

The Princess Switch

In what’s being called one of the cheesier holiday movies this year, we see a girl, Stacy, take a trip to the land of Belgravia where she enters the Royal Christmas Baking Contest. While she’s there, she meets her identical stranger, the Duchess. Naturally, they decide to switch places and, well, you just need to see the rest.

Get Santa

“Get Santa” features a father and son who team up to try and save Christmas after they find Santa sleeping in their garage as he’s on the run for police. Yes, we have more questions than answers on this one.

Merry Kissmas

Here, we see a woman who’s engaged to be married to a high-profie film and stage director fall in love for a caterer. This can only be good. \

Dear Santa

In “Dear Santa,” we see a privileged woman fall for the owner of a soup kitchen after she finds his seven-year-old daughter’s letter to Santa. You can guess the rest.

48 Christmas Wishes

In this family-friendly flick, we see two junior elves that leave home after losing some letters for Santa. They try to blend in at a small town while they find the missing wishes before Christmas Eve strikes.

The Spirit of Christmas

When Kate, a lawyer, has three weeks to get a “haunted” bed-and-breakfast sold, the manager of the hotel says the 95-year-old spirit/ghost will not approve. So, she must haggle with the Christmas spirit to make it happen, while falling for said spirit…We’re confused by the plot of this, really.

Love Actually 

Released in 2003, “Love Actually” follows 8 couples at they deal with their love lives around the holidays. Should not be watched with children.

White Christmas

Simply a must-see.