“Nailed It!” (A Show About Baking Fails) Is Going to Be Your New Netflix Obsession

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There is a new baking show in town and it is the only one you need to watch. Period. “Nailed It!” is a cooking competition in which average bakers try to recreate expert level baked goods in two hours. But instead of creating Pinterest-levels of perfection they make very relatable Pinterest-fails in a bid to win a lot of money.

That poor, poor cake. But let’s be real, they nailed it. It’s a lot better than I could do in two hours.

To top it off, “Nailed It!” has a grade-A hilarious host in Nicole Byers. She is joined by professional French chef Jacques Torres who, unlike most haute chefs, loves to laugh. And on this show, they mostly laugh.


Yes, this is all about baking fails. Yes, it is the most relatable cooking show on any channel. Yes, it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Just watch the reveal of the most terrifying princess cake on the face of the earth.

“She is so scary looking,” host Nicole Byer exclaimed, who was saying what we all were thinking. “And I don’t think anybody’s coming to rescue her.”

Mark my words: this will be the most popular show on Netflix.