Nikki Bella Used to Pray That John Cena Would Change His Mind About Having Kids Before Split


After 6 years together, John Cena and Nikki Bella have officially ended their relationship, and their fans are heartbroken.

The two had several (very public) ups and downs throughout their relationship and were constantly being asked about their engagement and whether or not they would stay together. One of their biggest points of tension? Kids.

Back in December, Us Weekly interviewed Nikki about their relationship and asked about the tension around having children– because Nikki wanted kids and John didn’t. “John doesn’t want to have kids, so it’s taken a lot of therapy to be OK with knowing I won’t be a mom,” she said. “I’m not going to lie, there are times when I still pray that one day he’ll change his mind. But as of now, no family.”

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Soon to be…. 💍

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Before their split, John Cena was pretty open about the fact that he and Nikki had their struggles. “Relationships are hard. They are very tough,” he said. “We are where we are because we tackle tough stuff head-on. We have a lot of tough moments and a lot of hard and difficult conversations, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love the girl and I can’t live without her,” he said at the time.