Nikki Bella Gives Fans An Update On Relationship With John Cena


Back in June of 2018, Nikki Bella and John Cena announced their split to their loyal fandom. And yep, their fans won’t be happy about this news, but here it is.

They still aren’t talking.

“He’s doing him and I’m doing me,” Bella told Entertainment Tonight in a new interview at the iHeart Radio Music Festival last weekend.

And while it doesn’t look like these two are any closer to getting back together, Bella also said that she isn’t dating anyone else either. “I made a joke about dating, Netflix and black licorice and how it gets boring and it turned into this whole thing where I got quoted saying dating life is boring,” Nikki, 34, said of recent rumors surrounding her dating life. “I was like, ‘No I said Netflix and black licorice and [was boring]’… it’s not what people expect, but I’ve got to admit I am single but I’m not ready for mingling yet.”

Nikki’s twin sister and Total Bellas co-star Brie Bella seems happy about the time her sister is taking as she recovers from the split.  “You’ve gotta find yourself first,” Brie says.

“I slowly feel like I’m doing that,” Nikki adds. “I think it’s happiness, and just fully being happy and that’s what I want. I just feel like I’m at that age where I’m discovering who I really am and what I want out of life and just, like, independence. Is it scary and you do have these moments of like, ‘What am I doing?’ — and fear. I just kind of am liking the challenge.”