Olivia Newton-John Sends Out Heartfelt Message to Fellow Cancer Fighter Alex Trebek

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They both have lived their lives in the spotlight, but now acclaimed singer Olivia Newton-John and Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek now share something else in common.

They both are battling cancer.

“I sent him a message saying, ‘I know you can get through this,’ and, ‘Don’t listen to stage four and all of [that]. Don’t read the statistics and stay focused and see how you can heal yourself,’” Newton-John said in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Sense of humor is vital. He has a great attitude and a great sense of humor about it and I’m sure he’ll do very well.”

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During the same interview, Newton-John talked about finding out that her cancer had returned for the third time, and how she tried her best to hide it from the public.

“Nobody knew I was there, so I was undercover boss in the hospital—on purpose,” said Newton-John, who recently released her new memoir, Don’t Stop Believin’. “I didn’t want people to know because I didn’t want it to be out there in the public that I was in the hospital.”

Considering that the cancer had returned in the form of a tumor in her spine, Newton-John also had to learn to walk again.

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“I was using a walker, so I’d wear a beanie and glasses and masks, so no one would know who I was,” Newton-John said.

Here’s to brighter days ahead for both Trebek and Newton-John.