Olympic Swimmer Nathan Adrian Returns to Swimming After Cancer Diagnosis


Just days before his official return to competition swimming, Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian reflected on returning to the sport he loved after a devastating testicular cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

“Win, lose, first, last — I just want to get back in my rhythm, back in my routine,” Adrian told For The Win. “That’s what I strive for, what I wish I had through the entire treatment process. … Now I’m finally here, and I have no idea whether or not I’m going to swim fast. But the fact is I actually get to compete, and I’m happy.”

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And yes, he swam fast.

Very fast indeed.

In fact, he earned both a fourth in the 100-meter freestyle and a third place in the 50-meter free during the recent TYR Pro Swim Series competition, according to Swimming World Magazine. His success at the competition is made even more impressive considering that the decorated athlete is still dealing with some side effects from various cancer treatments.

“[It’s] super random stuff like my left leg is not as explosive right now as it normally is,” Adrian told For the Win. “I don’t sweat out of my left foot. That’s super random and super weird. This is a journey that’s going to last much much longer than four or five months,” he said. “I wish I was superhuman like that — like Wolverine and be able to recover that quickly.”