Oprah Has a Great Reese Witherspoon Impression– Like, For Real

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If you happened to watch the Golden Globes, you may remember that Reese Witherspoon presented Oprah Winfrey with a big award and afterwards she delivered a pretty stellar impression of the pop culture icon. But, now as Oprah, Reese and Mindy Kaling do press for their “Wrinkle In Time” movie, Oprah is paying Reese back– big time.

During an appearance on the “The Late Late Show,” viewers learned that Reese likes to plan outings for the three friends and especially liked to plan outings while shooting in New Zealand. Mindy was all about the outings, but Oprah was not. Which is what prompted the impression, “Girls, girls, ladies, ladies, this is what we’re doing, y’all. I have a helicopter picking us up right there and we’re going to go on a hike, y’all. I found this beautiful yoga place, y’all. Then, we’re going to go get drinks, y’all. Then, we’re going to go dancing, y’all. We’re going to squeeze all the juice out of this orange y’all.”

Reese just said, “that’s what I would say.”

In turn, Reese delivered another great impression of Oprah and a really good one of Mindy, too.