Reese Witherspoon Pumps Her Own Gas, But Oprah Says She Wouldn’t Even Know How To Do That



Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey are two of the most powerful women in Hollywood and Mindy Kaling isn’t far behind, unless you’re talking about all the things each of the actresses do and do not do for themselves.

For example, Oprah doesn’t answer her own phone. But, I’m not even sure what that means.

Reese pumps her own gas, does her own grocery shopping and gets her own coffee.

When Oprah realized that Reese pumps her own gas, Oprah exclaimed, “I gotta just say… I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Reese tried to tell her, “you would! It come back to you! It’s like riding a bike.” She wasn’t so sure.

(For the record, Oprah doesn’t know how to charge her Tesla either.)

Things only escalated from there when the trio was asked if they drive themsevles around or town or pay someone to do it for them.