Paris Jackson Channels Drew Barrymore in New Role For “Scream: Resurrection” Miniseries


We all know Paris Jackson can sing (Dad is the late pop superstar Michael Jackson) and can model her way down a catwalk, but did you also know the girl can act? She’s previously had a few small roles in low budget films, but now she’s really showing us her acting chops in the new Scream promo.

The 21-year-old, blue-eyed beauty stars in a new sneak peek of Scream: Resurrection. In the clip, Jackson, who plays Becky, can be seen in the kitchen when she receives a phone call, which turns out to be a wrong number. However,  the caller keeps her on the line by revealing that he’s conducting a survey. One of the questions blurted out is, “What’s your favorite scary movie?” That’s when the Scream figure hurries past her window, and Becky realizes something’s not right.

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As she hangs up the phone, the doorbell rings. Becky goes to answer the door when a figure with the scream mask in standing in front of her. Cue the scary music.

“What are you supposed to be”, Becky asks. “I’m Florence Nightengale. Aren’t you supposed to trick me or something.”

That’s when the masked figure pulls out knife and stabs Becky in the chest. Phew, it’s just a fake knife and Becky is spared. The trick or treater takes his candy and runs.

“Happy Halloween, punk,” Becky says.

VHI shared a the clip on Instagram with the tagline, “Things are looking familiar but nothing will be the same…⁠Don’t miss @parisjackson on #Scream beginning JULY 8 through 10 at 9/8c only on VH1!.”

The new season of Scream: Resurrection has Jackson reprising the role of Drew Barrymore ‘s Casey Becker character from the original slasher film. Casey is subsequently killed by Ghostface in the movie, but gratefully, Jackson’s character doesn’t meet the same fate.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scream: Resurrection premieres on Monday, July 8 only on VH1. The six-episode season will air over three days, with two episodes airing each night starting Monday and ending on Wednesday, July 10.  In addition, the new season is bringing back the iconic Ghostface voice (Roger Jackson) and mask from the hit film series with it.  RJ Cyler, Mary J. Blige, Keke Palmer and Tyga also star in the new season, produced by Queen Latifah